Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tiny Fairy!!!!

Okay well I'm Bethany and Angie taught ma how to make tiny fairies or dolls.
So on Friday night i was making a cool, fun project. You could probably make one doll in about 30 minutes or so - but once you got the hang of it I'm sure it would take even less time.
POST-IT-NOTE: My fairies' dresses and wings are based on the one offered by Little Sister Handmade. I've modified them to fit my tiny dolls.
My first fairy doll thing came out really cute. (so cute I named her)I named my doll Annamarie.
1 6mm pipe cleaner
1 9/16" wooden bead
1 skein embroidery floss (I used #738)
1 skein needlepoint thread (I used size 5 #4124)
paint or paint pens (for the eyes and mouth)
fairy dress and wings template
needle & white thread
1 piece of felt (for the dress)
1 piece of white glitter felt (for the wings)
hot glue (or felt glue)

time to start!!!:::
go to Treasures for tots to see everything WAY BETTER lol

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bayou Blue Middle School

Bayou Blue Middle School

School in 2 weeks!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im new

Hey yall Im new so can yall please help me by getting more followers.Because im only 11 so i need ideas to type about and all so ya like the doggy


I am in the middle of reading a novel called "Evermore".

Well right now I'm on page seventy-one.

So far I LOVE it!

It's about a girl name Ever. She got in a horrible car wreck,
her family sadly died. Her mom, dad, sister, and puppy named Buttercup. When her family died she moved in with her dad's twin sister. After the wreck, she got a strange ability to read minds and see strange colors (aura) all around people that she's is talking to. She also
talks to her dead sister named Riley. She really likes this boy named Damen (he's in a couple of her classes) that she just met.

I'm not done reading it so when I'm finished I should have a little update!